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Cannafora - Cannabis for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Challanges Treatment Center


Cannafora provides a comprehensive look at the treatment of a person with autism, his or her difficulties, knowledge and understanding of the unique characteristics of the patient, and its many psycho-neuro-physiological manifestations assisted by experts' scientific knowledge of the cannabis plant.


The founder of Cannafora ,  Abigail Dar

Abigail Dar, The founder of Cannafora, has been active for years in Israel,  advocating the rights of children and adults with autism. Graduated with a master's degree from Tel Aviv University and a graduate of the Ministry of Health's Medical Grade Cannabis course. Participated in studies that examined the effect of cannabis treatment on children with autism.

Abigail paved the way for cannabis treatment for autism following the successful treatment of her son Yuval, 27, who has autism and testifies:
"His life has changed beyond recognition since the treatment - he is calmer, more communicative and his quality of live improved dramaticcaly.
Since founding Cannafora. Abigail became the No 1 Israeli specialics treating kids and adults with Autism with Cannabis products.

Why Cannfora?
The knowledge, experience, and understanding in the combination between the complex and wonderful plant and the difficulties of the child and the family.


Main symptoms where medical cannabis treatment helps: 

- restlessness

- Outbreaks

- self harm

- Sleep problems

- eating problems
- Regulation problems and improvement in communication

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