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Green boy - the treatment of medical cannabis in children with autism
04.04.22 - Dr. Abigail
Abigail Dar is the mother of Yuval, who has been diagnosed with autism from an early age. Since she was exposed to the effects of cannabis on her son, she has been involved in promoting research and accompanying and guiding parents in the treatment process. Children with autism often suffer from tantrums and violence, harming those around them and themselves. Cannabis treatment results in a decrease in these disorders and can even lead to an increase in social abilities, the ability to express and improve communication with family and society. In this episode, Linoi Bar-Gafen talks with Abigail Dar, founder and CEO of Canfora, a center of experts for the treatment of cannabis for autism, about the complexity of the treatment, its benefits and the many challenges faced by children with autism and their family members.
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Docotaim: Abigail treats her son with cannabis, December 2018
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Docotaim: Abigail treats her son with cannabis, December 2018
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