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  • Why is cannabis effective? What does it help treat?
    The cannabis plant is known for being composed of active ingredients that are linked to the endocannabinoid system in the human body whose role is to regulate various processes - mood, appetite, sleep, pain and more. Meanwhile, adapted cannabis strains and products have been found to be effective in treating the symptoms of restlessness, attention and concentration, anxiety, sensory regulation, sleep disorders and eating disorders. In some cases, especially in young children, it has been found to help improve communication.
  • Is the treatment effective for ADHD?
    Depends on the origin of the sedation disorder. Children suffering from sedation disorders can benefit from the treatment with sibidi oil, especially regarding the mitigation of the side effects of the drugs. In children on the continuum, the existing medications for attention and concentration are not effective, in many cases because they have a tendency to increase anxiety. In these cases, we found that the combination of cannabis oil with prescription drugs is particularly effective.
  • What are the criteria for obtaining a license for children and adults with autism and neurodevelopmental delay?
    In January 2021, the indication for cannabis treatment for children (up to the age of 21) with autism was published. In our opinion, this is a strict and unreasonable label and we are working to change it (to read an article on the subject written by Abigail Der - click here) In adults (over the age of 21) there is no indication for autism and therefore it is given in accordance with the "exceptions section" in procedure 106 of the YKR and/or in accordance with the discretion of the issuing doctor. It is important to emphasize that in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Health, there is discretion for the attending physician and therefore, obtaining the actual license is directly related to his condition, the difficulties he is suffering from and his medical paperwork.
  • And if the child does not meet the requirements - what is possible?
    Children who do not meet the Ministry of Health labels can be treated with high CBD oil. To do this, one must be familiar with the product, the cannabinoids, the terpenes and the specific composition, the extraction method and the adjustment of the dosage and type to the difficulties.
  • From what age can cannabis be treated?
    The labeling of the Ministry of Health sets the age of 5 as the minimum age to receive treatment. At the same time, in particularly complex and difficult cases, treatment at a younger age can be considered.
  • My child does not need medication, is cannabis recommended?"
    Cannabis is an active substance and there is no reason to give it if the child does not need something to calm and regulate. The juncture of the decision to consider medical cannabis in children is the point where professionals who work with the child and/or the parents consider medical treatment. Cannabis is an alternative to antipsychotic drugs, it undoubtedly improves symptoms and quality of life, but it does not cure the disorder.
  • How long is the license valid for?
    The license is valid for 6 months to a year, depending on the issuing doctor, and in any case 6 months only for patients who have the first license.
  • Is there a problem with taking cannabis and medicine,   when you start cannabis, do you immediately stop medicine?"
  • Is cannabis addictive?
    The answer to the question 'is cannabis addictive or not' is undoubtedly controversial and arguments of yes and no can be found on the entire spectrum. Some will say that it is not addictive at all, some will say that even if it is then surely less than other common addictions, some will claim that it is addictive but only with regular use. Dr. Shaoli Lev-Ran, an Israeli expert on addictions, has already addressed the issue of cannabis use more than once. To the question of whether cannabis is addictive, he recently replied: "Yes, it is an addictive substance, but almost like any other substance that causes the release of dopamine in the reward system," he said. "But in relation to many other drugs - it's in lower percentages". When an expert was asked to rate the risk of various substances in consumption, it was found that cannabis was in a relatively low place compared to other substances such as alcohol, contact adhesive and other common substances. According to Dr. Lev-Ran, out of the occasional cannabis consumers, about 10% become addicted, while 90% do not become addicted, and out of the regular cannabis consumers, 50% become addicted. "I am always surprised that of those who do smoke every day, there are 50% who do not become addicted," he says. Here he referred to the discussion about cannabis consumers for recreational purposes. When it comes to drug treatment for children and adults with autism, the question and/or comparison should be in relation to antipsychotic psychiatric drugs and sedatives, and in relation to them cannabis is much, much less addictive and its side effects are much less than the side effects that are used in these drugs.
  • Why should I invest in consulting?
    In Israel there are different products in terms of varieties/active ingredients, concentrations, effects and form of consumption, without sufficient labeling and with the possibility of products that are in the nature of a "surprise in a bottle" = there is no obligation for the manufacturer to persist with the same variety, but only to maintain the THC:CBD concentrations and ratios .The same applies to CBD oils and products sold without a prescription. That's why Kanapura - we are up-to-date, updated and make sure to work and recommend only permanent products and the apartments that are already sold and updated if the product has changed (even though the label has not...). The center's staff has worked to get to know the cannabis plant for its great complexity, the daily changes in the market - and the combination of them (patient characteristics and types/dosages of cannabis with close monitoring and adjustments) that will lead to the desired result. Many times parents come to us after having already spent considerable sums on cannabis products that are ineffective and unsuitable or given in unsuitable doses. Our consultation is designed to make the treatment as accurate as possible based on the extensive knowledge and experience we have gained since 2016 in treatment.
  • Where do you buy the cannabis product and what is the cost?
    Prescription medical cannabis is currently sold in dozens of licensed pharmacies throughout the country. The price of 10 grams ranges from NIS 140-280.Different CBD oils, different varieties, different concentrations and many companies are sold online.
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