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Meet Our Team

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Founder and CEO of Cannafora, a leader and advocate for promoting research and treatment of medical cannabis for autism. A board member of ALUT - the Israeli Association for Children with Autism. 

Since 2015, has treated hundreds of children and adults with autism and neurodevelopmental delay to tailor optimal medical cannabis treatment. Involved and promotes research in the field throughout Israel. 

Public Speaker at professional International conferences, physician forums, parents and caregivers and a lecturer at the Cannabis Nurses course at Sheba Medical Center.

Abigail Dar Msc.

Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Specialist in child and adolescent psychiatry. His professional experience includes: Senior Psychiatrist at Shalvata - Clalit Health Services Mental Health Center (affiliated with the Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University), Outpatient Clinic for Youth and Adolescents at Lev Hasharon Medical Center, a specialist doctor at the National Health Fund Rich experience in counseling children and adults with neurodevelopmental disorders (including autism) with their parents and the professional staff who accompany them such as social workers, therapists and educational counselors. Has experience in diagnosing and treating children with neurodevelopmental disorders, autism, ADHD - Post Stress Experience Traumatic and Mental Disorders. Is also experienced in medical cannabis treatment to children and adults with autism, neurodevelopmental disorders, and Torte Syndrome PTSD.

  Dr. Yuval Goldburt MD.

Specialist in psychiatry for children and adults. Has over 20 years of clinical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of children and adults with a variety of mental disorders including severe behavioral disorders, autism, ADHD and psychotic conditions. Dr. Yoffe has extensive experience in running a mental health clinic, psychiatric and therapeutic counseling, including contact with other clinicians (psychologists, social workers, educational counselors) and parent guidance in complex situations. He is also experienced in treating medical cannabis for children and adults, especially with autism and PTSD. Dr. Yoffe currently works as a senior psychiatrist in the government’s Ministry of Health department and as a psychiatrist for Kupat Holim Meuhedet.

Dr. Mark Yoffe MD.

Manager of Cannafora. Specializes in cannabis treatment for autism and developmental delay. She is responsible for customer relations, coordinates with the Ministry of Health in addition to the suppliers and pharmacies. She guides the clients and their families’ through consultation calls, coordinating appointments, and works with them on creating the patient's file.

Sivan Amar
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