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Cannafora Center offers a comprehensive look at the treatment of a person with autism and his or her challenges, knowledge and understanding of the characteristics of autism unique to the patient, the variety of its manifestations and psycho-neuro-physiological effects.


Our center's staff is knowledgeable about the cannabis plant, the frequent changes in the market and products, their physical effects and the combination between patient characteristics and cannabis strains dosing with close monitoring and adjustments that will lead to optimum results. ​

Our vision is to improve the quality of life of a person with autism, reducing their and their family's distress and trying to promote the person to reach their fullest potential.

The uniqueness of Cannafora is that the treatment is built on a collaboration between physicians and professionals in the field of medical cannabis treatment, who are themselves caregivers of people on the autistic spectrum, and therefore know the hardships involved.

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