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Dear Abigail and Sivan,
We have been walking together for two years to help Nadav.
I thank you every morning for the privilege that has fallen to me, to know you.
With all the apprehensions, and all the anxieties, it became clear that there was light at the end of the tunnel, and that the tantrums had diminished admirably, both in frequency and intensity.
Wishing you lots of success in your blessed endeavor.
We, we won❤


Hello, my name is Alona, I am the mother of a child with autism who had epilepsy. From the age of 9 he was treated with tegritol syrup twice a day.
I know how unhealthy it is from such an age to start giving him medication and realize that it will probably be for life, and that later on it can cause kidney problems, hypertension, which he already started from a year ago but had no choice. When I heard about the medical cannabis which is a natural remedy that can help my child without side effects I went to a neurologist who had a child monitored for 7 years and I was refused. I was very angry that they were not letting my child have something healthier that could be a healthier and better substitute than the pills and would help him be even more relaxed and focused.
I did not give up I talked to the child's teacher and she talked to the parents of other children. Many thanks to the teacher and everyone who helped ❤️. I was linked to the Cannabis Treatment Center. I want to thank them for their help. They do not give up and do everything that the child gets what he deserves, they understand the difficulty of the parents and do everything to help. We got cannabis from a year ago and since then the child has not had epileptic seizures at all. He currently does not receive any medication other than cannabis. The child is calmer and more focused and has no hypertension.
Thanks to everyone❤️❤️❤️

"good morning..

Updates that yesterday there were no tantrums even once.

And even started saying lots of new words and sentences .... and even sang songs

Even today he woke up happy and kind-hearted ...


"Good afternoon, we started treatment on Friday. I gave her one drop, there was no change.

On Saturday, It felt more relaxed all day, even sat to lunch with all of us which does not happen normally.

Later in the day she laughed a lot, played with the dolls which is also new.

She surprised me by repeating my words and singing with me, it seems to me that she ate a little more than usual ...

So greatefull for the little improvement and waiting for the next ...

Thank you."

"Dear Abigail and Sivan, I sent you a report from ... in charge of ... on the farm. Improvement in functioning is amazing !! These are things she did not do.
And as for the inflorescence, it has already saved me twice in the attack. I am willing to testify anywhere, she was in a jenna attack, we went hand in hand with a loupe and after 2 deep and quality aspirations the girl calmed down as if she had been bewitched ... Thank you.

It happened three times this week. "


"The amazing Canpora

Thank you for daily close professional guidance Thank you for the availability of concern and caring!

You were (and still are) our light in a dark tunnel during the most difficult period of our lives and you helped us get out of it

Thanks to you we received our son as a gift!

There is no doubt that you are messengers of the name!

Thank you for everything!"

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