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Guiding and Accompanying the Patient to Achieve Optimal Balance


"Autism" is a name that encompasses a wide spectrum of people about their difficulties. "Cannabis" is a medicinal plant, one of the most unique and diverse influences among them. This plant contains hundreds of components, different varieties and different forms of consumption. The combination of all of these requires adjustment and accompaniment to reach balance.

In Israel after the new regulation in the medical cannabis market, there are different products in terms of different active ingredients / components, concentrations, effects and form of consumption, without sufficient labeling and with the possibility of products that are a "bottle surprise" = the manufacturer does not have to persevere with the same strain. THC concentrations and ratios: CBD. Without proper accompaniment, it could end up in a situation where I switched to a child on the spectrum, who has difficulty communicating, a psychiatric medication every month, and I did not even know ....


To this end, Cannafora - we are updated, updated and take care to work and recommend only regular products and apartments that are already sold and updated if the product has changed (even though the label is not ...).

Our centers' staff worked on getting to know the cannabis plant for its great complexity, the daily changes in the market - and the combination between them (patient characteristics and types / doses of cannabis while closely monitoring and adjustments) that will lead to the desired result.

The global and important uniqueness of Cannafora is that the treatment is built on a collaboration between specialists and professionals in the field of medical cannabis treatment and accompaniment, who are themselves mothers of children on the autistic spectrum, and therefore know the autistic child and family life closely. optimal.

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